How To Cook Chicken In a Deep Fryer


Deep frying is one of the best ways to prepare a tasty food. Some people choose to eat deep fried food at their favorite restaurant instead of preparing it comfortably at their homes. One of the foods which can be deep fried is chicken and can be done at home if you have deep fryer appliance.

Deep fryers are small kitchen appliances that are used for deep frying. While this wonderful kitchen innovation is commonly used in commercial restaurants, Inventors have found a way to minimize this kitchen appliance to fit every home counters around the world. Newer version of deep fryers comes in with a frying basket to raise food more easily and allow oil to drip when cooking is finished. Deep fryers often comes with this features at hand like electric timers, some with audible alarms or in digital format, manual and automatic devices to lower and raise the frying basket, ventilation system to help reduce frying odors, oil filters for oil to be used for the next frying this extends the usability of the oil.

How to cook chicken in deep fryer

To make a delicious crispy fried chicken, you will need to deep fry your chicken into a pan half full of hot oil. This will cook your chicken perfectly from inside and out.

If you want to prepare the best fried chicken you can make for your party or gatherings, here are some ingredients you will need:

  1. Cooking oil
  2. Deep fryer
  3. Paper towels
  4. Plastic grocery bag
  5. Large bowl
  6. Your choice of seasoning, either, salt, pepper or some other seasoning salt.
  7. Your choice of chicken parts, preferably wings, legs, breasts or thighs.
  8. Flour.

First step

Prepare your deep fryer, you can plug it into the most accessible outlet in your kitchen. Pour your cooking oil into the fryer until the level of the oil reaches the perforate line. Do not overfill the equipment, as hot oil can spill put when you put your chicken into it. Wait for few minutes for the oil to get hot

Second step

Prepare your chicken while waiting for the oil to get hot. Wash your chicken and rinse it with cold water. Season your chicken by sprinkling the seasoning of your choice into its surface. Rub the seasoning on its surface so it will be deeply absorbed.

Third step

Pour the flour of your choice into the plastic grocery bag. Place two slices of the seasoned chicken inside plastic bag and shake the bag until the chicken is coated with flour.

Fourth step

Place one or two of your floured chicken into your fryer. Fry the chicken for five to eight minutes, until its golden brown. Once the chicken is thoroughly cooked, remove it from the fryer, put it in a pan, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. This allows the natural juices and any marinade to flow throughout the bird and gives the item time to cool down.


Using the deep fryer to cook chicken is a great idea for social gatherings all year long. It is quick and easy to do and requires only a few ingredients, unless a more sophisticated recipe is used. Whether cooking an entire bird or individual parts, the result is a crispy, juicy meal. Ref –