What is air deep fryer? How it works?

Fried food and fryers go hand-in-hand in the modern kitchen. A variety of fryers are available to the modern chef; shallow fryers, deep fryers and the more recent air fryers. Today we will understand the concept, working and benefits of a deep fryer. Bring to mind the McDonald’s fryer used to prepare the delectable French fries, to get a visual of the gadget we are talking about. If you are healthy diet types and want to know the proper cooking time then you can visit here.

Deep fryers, as compared to the shallow fryer variety, are easier to use, faster, efficient and healthier. How, you may ask?! Well, we need to understand the working of this technology to get our answer.

The deep fryer is essentially a large reservoir surrounded by a submersible heating element. It comes with a thermostat and a control panel to regulate the temperature of the cooking oil. For frying, sufficient oil is added to the reservoir so as to completely immerse the heating element. The oil is heated to the suitable temperature and then the food to be cooked is dunked into the oil in a wire basket with a heat resistant handle. Once the food is done, the wire basket is lifted above the level of the oil and the excess oil is allowed to drain off.

How does the fryer actually work?

The heating element of the fryer heats the oil quickly. This oil surrounds the food that is to be cooked. The high temperature of the oil causes the moisture in the food to turn to steam. This cooks the food inside-out. Because of this technique, less oil is actually absorbed into the food, thus making it healthier.

What are the different parts of the deep fryer?

The deep fryer comes with the reservoir, the lid, the heating element, the control panel and the filter. The control panel is used to regulate the heating temperature depending on the smoking point of the oil, the filter is used to keep the oil clean by draining the crumbs of food that float in it, the lid is used during storage of the fryer to avoid dust and other alien objects from contaminating the reservoir.

How to clean the deep fryer?

The heating element of the fryer is removable along with the control panel. Remove it before cleaning. Clean it separately. Now drain the oil from the reservoir by opening the small nozzle that is provided in the bottom of the vessel. The reservoir can now be cleaned either in a dishwasher or by hand using disinfectant and scrub. Remember to cover it with a lid during storage.

What kind of oil should be used in a deep fryer?

Peanut oil is known to have the highest flash point. Flash point is the temperature at which oil will burst into flames. Hence peanut oil is used in deep fryers.

What should be the ideal temperature for cooking in a deep fryer?

385 degrees is the magic number. At this temperature, the cooking is efficient and absorption of oil into the food is less.

Hope this information about deep fryers helps the chef in you. Deep fryers are easy to use, serviceable and faster than most fryers. They are largely used in commercial restaurants. However, they are slowly making their way onto the common kitchens.