How to pressure cook frozen meat?

best pressure cooker

best way to pressure cook frozen meat

To those amateur cooks out there, reading this article, let me explain what a best pressure cooker is. A pressure cooker is a sealed vessel that you can use to cook food using a liquid such as water. This sealed vessel helps you to speed up the process of cooking and it also saves fuel. It does its job by boiling the liquid inside it, creating a vapor which trapped inside, heats up the inside. This steam can be let out slowly for safe removal of the food inside. This apparatus can be used to cook any food that can be cooked in water or steam.

How to?

So let’s get down to business. How do you use a pressure cooker to cook frozen meat? Let me give you a step by step tutorial.

1. Put your frozen meat into the pressure cooker – whether it be chicken or beef or pork, just toss it in.

2. Fill the pressure cooker with the liquid you are to use to cook, until it reaches above the meat.

3. Raise the time of the cooker and the time for the specific meat by 50% or even more – make the decision based on the width of your meat. You can search for the recommendations for the times online.

4. Now it’s time for the meat to cook. Let it cook for the recommended time.

5. Now don’t be rash and don’t rush to open the thing! Take caution. Slowly lift the natural pressure releaser to allow the steam inside to come out (unless your apparatus recommends you to do something else, in the case where it is different).

6. Now, it is important to ensure that the meat is done. This can be done by ensuring that the temperature inside the meat is of the right value. Insert the meat thermometer into the meat and then, make sure, in the case of pork, lamb, beef or veal, that it is, 145 degrees Fahrenheit, for chicken and other poultry items, ensure that it is 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the case of ground meat, make sure it is 160 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. If your thermometer is one that uses Celsius, then for pork lamb and beef it would be 62.8 degrees Celsius,73.9 degrees Celsius for chicken and other poultry, and 71.1 degrees Celsius for ground meat.

7. If the temperature is right, you are good to go.

Remember, you should boil frozen meat, but you should never steam it, for steaming would cause the exterior to be cooked and beautiful, whilst the inside is still ice cold. Don’t worry if it takes too long to cook; remember you are cooking ice cold meat, and when the thing is defrosting, the water becomes cold, delaying the process a little bit. Make sure you change the time you leave the meat to cook based on its thickness. Taking its temperature is also of high importance to make sure it is done. So, relax and experiment with your flavors, but remember not to forget the salt.

This is a simple and easy process that can make your life much easier. It makes cooking less of a hassle, and allows Those busy working population to cook themselves a good meal.